The Ultimate Newbies Guide to Blogging

The key to any Content Marketing effort is your blog. Some people haven’t even started one so this week we will get them going and hopefully give some great tips for the rest of you. Welcome to blogging week.

The Ultimate Newbie's Guide to Blogging


DS Boot Camp: DS Success

Rounding out our Direct Sales week with an infographic to help with your success. Keep these in mind as you work your DS business. The more of a business mindset you maintain the easier time you will have with running your business. For more tips and coaching for your DS business join our monthly coaching program. $30 a month provides you a business coach and a wealth of information and help.


Teamwork Week

Let’s talk about teamwork. This week we will be talking about how to form teams, keep them running smooth. Today is the subject of why. Lack of teamwork costs companies lots of money. Even if you are a solopreneur, you have teams you work with, none of us are in a bubble. Check out this infographic to see how a lack of teamwork costs your company money.

Why teamwork matters

How to use LinkedIn for your Business

If you are in the Business to Business (B2B) space you are losing money by not using LinkedIn. 1/3 of all professionals in the world are on this platform. It has several tools to help your business succeedHow to use LinkedIn for your business and you owe it to yourself to check them out.



The Stats of LinkedIn

With 467 Million users worldwide, LinkedIn has the potential to reach a wide audience. I have yet to run across a business that shouldn’t be on LinkedIn. Here are some statistics to show why LinkedIn should be a part of every businesses┬ádigital strategy.

Why Linked in should be part of your Digital Strategy

Marketing ABCD

In Content Marketing, remember ABCD! Always Be Capturing Data. Every bit of information you collect can be useful. Click through rates, shares, page views, every single analytic your platforms give you should be tracked. What info you monitor varied from platform to platform. Blogs track page views, Twitter tracks views and shares. Make a habit of at least capturing a page view of the analytics page of each platform you use. Monthly tracking is the minimum but you really should be tracking by week for better analysis. Even if you just find a convenient way to store it until you can have an analyst take a look at the data for you, make sure you are collecting as much info as possible. Having too much data is an easy problem to fix, not having data is impossible to fix. If you don’t need all the data you collected you can ignore the parts that are extra but if you need the number of page views for each day and that information isn’t available, there may be no way to retrieve it later.Presentation Drawing